Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Bike

Surly's are great bikes, they ride great and are pretty much zero-bling bs.
The guys that run the show are into adventure riding, touring and off - the wall kind of stuff. Look at their blog for proof, of just their products. Really...

A little history. I used a Karate monkey to singlespeed the Mcgrath race back in 2005. It was great, conditions were good enough for a 29er with snowcats, aside from knee destruction and searing pain for 90 miles, I had a great time. I think a few emails were traded. Then the monkey went to South America and generally got the snot kicked out of it. Aside from a large amount of salt deposited inside the frame and a messed up paint job its no worse for the wear... I start making bike bags... Surly liked the bike bags.. I like Surly's... I come up with far flung trip ideas.. Surly liked far flung trip ideas... trip ideas need fat tire bikes... I don't have one and am cheap :( Surly makes fat tire bikes :) A bags for bikes barter was made and everyone is happy Hurray!
So without further delay..
My new pugs:

Going to go break it in and get it wet over the next few days.


AMIE said...

yoUR MY HERO. Good barter. Rock on. Can't wait to find out where this is going....

cornfed said...

Sweet Pugs! Surly + Epic Design bags rule.

Your blog both inspires and shames me. I love it!


FixieDave said...