Monday, April 03, 2006

The Revolution!

Hello everybody,

My time here is coming to a close but I thought I´d give a little update on recent happenings.Here, in Bolivia, the land of hundreds of revolutions over the centuries, I felt I needed to forment one of my own! For many, many years the Ayrama and Quechwa people of the Altiplano have opressed and mistreated several species of Andean Camelid. The llamas and Alpackas in question have had their wool sheared, been slaughtered for their meat, and even buried in building foundations as sarcifice to Pachamama and other Andean deities. Well thats all starting to change!

I have founded the Camelid Liberation Front (CLF) in an effort to end to opression and allow the llamas to just wander and eat grass all day without fear of Death! Initially the animals were quite timid and ocasionally spat at me at my attempts to rally them,However after several weeks many llamas and alpackas alike have taken their hoofs up in arms agains their subsistance oppressers resulting in several brutal skirmishes. In my last few days in this country I will be looking for a replacement to lead the CLF inmy absence. I´m doubtful of the future however, I dont know of many people who can communicate to the furry camelids like I can. what to you expect? I´ve been biking across remote deserts and vast expanses of salt flat with nobody to talk too.. ! ha ha
Back in town soon

Cheers, Eric

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