Wednesday, May 17, 2006

call from Eric on Denali

Eric called me today at 5 pm, I could barely hear him the wind was so loud!
I only made out a few words. He said " All is well here"
"weather is good" "we're going for the summit in the next weeks" and "I love you" thats all I got because we got cut off, so hard to hear him but I got to say I love you and he heard me! Thank god. Our family has been thinking about him and praying constantly for his safety. The cut off call made me break down in tears because I miss my brother and wish I was with him. The statistics are bad for Denaili, and 1 in 8 climbers die each years from what I read, scares the crap out of us, but we know he is doing what he loves. There is a huge base camp there and a support operation.
He sounded good from what I could tell all was well!

I found a link for a webcam that faces Denali. (webcam image)
Hard to tell what the weather is like on the mountain because storms come in so fast up at 20,320 feet!
Please hold good thoughts for the safe return of all the climbers this season!
Thank you, Love,
:-) Laura

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