Thursday, June 14, 2007

More peaks

Hiked & climbed Granite peak in the Mat Valley this weekend with Dan, Billy and Yvonne.

We had a total blast and made it despite not-so ideal snow conditions.

anyway, the knee cycle is back at it again, must increase self-control on these weekend jaunts. It felt good the whole day but has been sore till today. So frusterating.
I'm starting a real attempt at going to yoga twice a week and really taking more time to strech.
I'm also writting off doing any serious winter biking in the near future by selling pugsley. The thing just collects dust and I feel guilty even owning it.
on a happy note I won the video contest woo hooo!
not much else to write, the GDR starts Friday, its one of those things that I know I could do well in if my body and knee let me. Touring has taught me alot about what that race would be like.
anyway bla bla bla.


The Linus said...

Lini dont care about any of diss crap, what mattahs is when are you gonna get a Linus?

gwadzilla said...


the mountains in alaska are so big that they do not even fit on the page!