Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cat out of the bag

Ok I'll get out with it.
I'm in big time gear up mode for the finale of this summer's trips. The cumulation of putting the pieces together.

The Lost Coast.

In about 2 weeks Dylan and I are heading to Yakutat to try the first bike traverse of the beaches of the Gulf Coast of AK to Cordova in Prince William Sound. We are starting in Yakutat and going to try to cross 300 miles of Beaches, Big Rivers, Huge bays, calving glaciers, and big surf.

Go to Google earth and search "Cordova AK", then Yakutat AK, and you can see how totally straight forword this expedition is going to be ;)

Things like the Hubbard Gab, Sitkagi Bluffs, Icy Bay, and the Copper River Delta.

Pugsley's, packrafts and some of the most wild and Beautiful coastline in the world.

So stay tuned, I might borrow a Spot Beacon to track our progress. Seems to be the trendy thing to do these days.


Fxdwhl said...

wow, looks pretty on google maps. big stretches of open water too. good luck and looking forward to a write up.

Geoff said...

f-ing A! figured you were gearing up for something crazy.
can i come run beside you guys? oh wait, that wouldn't be fair... it'd be way to easy without a 50 pound bike :)

let me know if you need a spot. i'm hoping if i loan mine out enough someone will lose it or break it and then i'll have an excuse to my mom for why i don't use it anymore.

Cellarrat said...

sounds like a blast!

Have fun can't wait for the pictures!

Vik said...

Have a fun and be safe. Looking forward to the photos...=-)