Saturday, November 28, 2009


I put the first part of our bike trip on
Link here


Jay Dub said...

that was incredible. Are you both fluent in Spanish? (forgive me if that's a stupid question, I don't know the answer)

Eric said...

Spanish - no not at all, but we can get by well enough though. I can understand most of what is spoken, but speaking is a different story.

Kid Riemer said...

Beautiful pics Eric. Looking forward to seeing/reading about the rest of the trip.

Airic Payne said...

don´t be surprised if you get an email me from me when Bolivia gets summer again. My girlfriend and I will probably have gotten there from Mexico and will want some advice on killer roads like this... Could find them in Baja, but Mainland Mex has proven to be a bit more difficult.

As always, thanks for the inspiration.