Sunday, February 21, 2010


Big Brother is finally back in action. I learned a lot in the process. Had one key snafu which had me mystified for hours.. but a fresh start today (and a run up Wolverine looping over to Near point) helped volumes with the patience factor.

First - taking everything apart. Feet off, trimming knives off, broken hook assembly removed.

 Old hook.... new hook..  remind me later to open a machine shop in Japan to make millions on these things.

Timing and opener adjustments.. key.

Everything back in place... 

back in business.


Paul Christensen said...

Hey Eric
I have been really impressed with the quality of your pictures.
How are you liking the Lumix? Do you find shooting w/out the viewfinder a bother?
I am so sick of dealing with my Nikons slowness, and that LX3 seems pretty great. Same with the Canon S90

Eric said...

I love the LX3, No qualms about not having a viewfinder at all. The sharpness is incredible.

If you can do without longer zoom then get one. That is it's only drawback in my opinion.