Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Luc's vid


coastkid said...

eric you get up to some cool crazy stuff...scotland is made for that type of stuff but sadly not much interest "off the beaten trail"...
curious on your views of the semi fat set upon the bike?,

jswan said...

Eric, I'm very curious what your bike setup was for this. Looks like a fat front with some kind of wider-than-usual rear setup? Did you consider singlespeed?

Eric said...

hey jay
my front was a salsa enabler with a speedway 70 mm rim up front. 44mm snowcat 29" rim with 2.55 in the back.

Luc had a 100mm spaced pugsley fork with an 80mm rim and a 26" 44mm snowcat in the back.

yeah I thought of ss but wanted to try gears for a change on these trips. whoops.
no front brakes or front derailleurs.