Sunday, August 22, 2010

The glolden orb has returned!

Lucy was complaining the other day about how few new peaks she's bagged this summer. Always the same old nearby stuff. So we headed off to do the Elliot ridge and peak starting from Stuckagin. We did a part of the ridge last fall in the other direction.

So this was Near Point to Wolverine then the ridge to Elliot. Dropped down to Williwaw lakes (found a sweet goat trail). Then over the pass to Long lake and out the valley up and over near point again. Awesome loop on more trails made by sheep than people.

EDIT!! Lucy had in fact bagged this peak before, you can tell by the way she guided me the entire day and ran me into the ground.


Jesse said...

What an awesome adventuring partner! :)

funhog and fundogs said...

there are some fun bowls along that ridge to flip turns wearing leathers.

wfinley said...

As I told you earlier... this wasn't a new Lucy peak. She bagged it last summer with Ranger. I think she was hoping you'd keep going over to Williwa!