Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Project Asiemut

What a little outreach can do

Had a super fun week hanging out with Melanie and Olivier. I saw their film during the Banff film fest and was totally stoaked a few weeks back when I saw a poster on the UAA campus that they were coming to anchorage. A few email's were exchanged and soon enough they were staying at my place for the week, being the second person they next to the event organizer they knew in alaska.

Very similar passions and interests in life, Adventure, climbing, videography, cycling... felt like a kick start for me on several fronts. Inspiring to say the least.

Left to right, Josh, me, Becky, Tony, Mel, Dano, Ina, and Olivier after the super saturday brunch.

buy their DVD, you wount regret it.

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