Friday, April 18, 2008

last minute trip

Heading up into the Talkeetna mountains, Mt Soverign area tomorrow for 10 days to climb and do some ski/splitboard mountaineering.
Some pics of the area:

The weather looks good so we should be able to get in as planned, one at a time in the back of Mike Meekin's super cub.

I also decided I needed a new climbing pack, its been in my head for too long so I cranked this puppy out. its a bit heavy, but super duper burly and can handle heavy loads better than my ski pack. Design based on the BD Quantum, but with a removable hip belt with pockets that uses the same webbing, side pockets for pickets and a 4 point removable lid.. which is yet to be made. it should last a long long time.

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