Friday, April 04, 2008

New Shop

With Spring and summer on the way it was time to move the sweatshop out of the basement and into the garage. The light glaring through the basement windows will taunt me no more. Its still in the 30's so its really more of a icebox than a sweatshop, when you can see your breath sewing and can barely feel your hands you know you're making gear in alaska...

All the necessities of a good work environment, strong coffee, fresh air, really loud music, and instant brutal workout breaks provided by the fingerboard and rings.

Thanks Shelley for the sign!

Now where are those malaysian 10 yr olds?


Jill said...

Looking good! I like the sign.

Cellarrat said...


Sacred Rivers said...

Looking good!
Where is Hudson's toy in that photo?
Cool shop! :)