Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Spent the last week working for my friend Matt at the Ascending Path. Through his guiding business & experience he's been getting more and more involved in film work that comes to Alaska that involves anything technical in the mountains. This was a documentary on a recent mountaineering tragedy. We had a wonderfully talented and skilled group of people and the whole production went off with out a hitch. Everybody pulled multiple roles ranging from acting to rigging, safety, grip, stunts etc.

It was bittersweet however since several of us, including myself, personally knew one of the climbers that perished. So although exciting and fun work, there was always an undertone of seriousness. We made every effort to "get it right" and as accurate as possible. I think we accomplished that in the filming.

Some photos:

me wishing it was colder....

Saturday was heli day, the weather cooperated and we had 2 R-44's at our disposal.

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