Thursday, April 30, 2009

heading out...

Leaving Anchorage for the first time since about September... whoo hoo. Julie is running the Vancouver marathon then we are going rock climbing in squamish. Needed it bad 2 weeks ago during breakup, but now that summer is here with a super strong high pressure system and the forecast for Vancouver is rain. humm..

Some recent highlights - Luz made her first descent of peak 3 running after me snowboarding at mach 6.5. It was so warm down to a tee shirt on the up & down, not for Luz though, her slayer training is coming along quite well.

Build up a new bike... 9 speed and full suspension, jumping into the 2000's!

Time now though to pack gear, lots of gear!

Looking foreword to a certain rematch traverse fest in May..

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