Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tuesday Triage

Lucy is a Killer.
The death toll lately has been staggering and the bodies have been piling up.

Medical attention was needed.. and Fast!

Mr. Watermelon Head getting sutures.

Mr. Rope dog had cranium matter exposed. The situation was dire indeed.

In the end amputation of the head was required.

Mr. Bungee Duck was not looking so hot with severe lacerations to the the back and torso.

The wound was closed and Mr. Duck received a heavy duty flack jacket to prevent future injuries.

All in all it was a rough day to be a stuffed dog toy, but they live on to see more thrashings.


Dave said...

You need some more Dyneema.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Any chance you can build a Kevlar-belly vest for an unstoppable (fat) beagle?

My dog rips her nipples off every time we take her out on a multi-day trip through the mountains.

She's built too short and the ground keeps catching up to her.

Notorious T said...

I've always thought it was crazy that my wife buys destructible toys for the dog. Maybe she should bring a batch to you so they can be fitted with flak jackets!

Roman Dial said...

good thing you are a skilled surgeon

Kid Riemer said...

Dude, once the stuffed animals start pouring into your office/ aren't going to have time for bags!

Alaskan Assassin said...

I cant find a toy that Ernie wont destroy. It drives me crazy.

Love the post!!

Sacred Rivers said...

LOL You saved the duck! That thing was $15 hahha! Lucy strong!