Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kachemak Bay

Julie and I had been planning to do a fly-in trip into the Talkeetna mountains all summer. Twice the awful weather kept us home and working with bags packed since we could not fly where we wanted to go. We have a little dude on the way, are trying to buy a house, life is busy as ever and time is ticking, so we finally decided to gas up the truck and drove to Homer. Wait a sec... a little dude?! yep. 7.5 months along... mountain biking & heavy packs get the thumbs down, but packrafting and base camping - yes!

So the four of us started off the 5 hr drive to Homer. Lucy was just thrilled about this, we started laughing at her antics right off the bat and did not stop for 5 days.

Spent the night at Pat and Kathi's then got a water taxi across the Bay to Right beach with Mako. Good guy, great service. Low and behold the sun even came out.

Hiked in the Grewingk glacier trail.

Lucy became acquainted with her new DFD. It was not an instant hit, but she eventually warmed up to it.

there is a bit of a learning curve involved getting her to lie down in the boat. Mostly she just laid down and convulsed like she does all the time since she's scared of everything.
soaking up the Grewingk glacier.

Days just flowed and we rolled with the weather, lounging in the tent during rain and just being unplugged.

One morning we paddled into Halibut Lagoon and hiked up the trail a ways. Riding in the rising tide and later out with the falling tide. The water was just chocked full of life. We had seals and a few groups of porpoises swimming around us amidst big salmon flying out of the water, jelly fish and tons of birds. 

Other days were all about just playing stick and playing in the water...

a little closer view is needed here...

Later dinner views..

Even the gray was pretty in it's own right and made me think back to other long beaches slogging with a mission along under the drone of crashing waves.

Our last day we hiked back to Grewingk Creek and paddled out the glacier fed ripper to the ocean then hiked the spit back to camp. Super fun loop for all four of us.

On Glacier Spit.

back to civilization... thanks Kachemak Bay.


Dave said...


Tommy said...

Wow that's a great trip!!

And the redefinition of "It's a dog's life". lol

Kid Riemer said...

Congrats on the big news...most important, most rewarding job you'll ever have...loved the 'convulsing' line...hah!

Dave said...

Somehow the first time I missed the custom stealth raft. It is a scout+, or just a black is the new black deal?

Also interesting to see a comparo on the old rafts lack of ghetto booty.

Notorious T said...

Congratulations on your newest -- and biggest -- adventure.

Eric said...

Dave... a keen eye you have. Julie's boat is code name "Black Widow"

ScottM said...

Stellar pics and trip, Eric. And congrats... wow.

ssportsman said...

Congratulations on the upcoming changes, and thanks for sharing such an incredible trip

Vik said...

Congrats on the up coming little dude...=-)