Saturday, January 28, 2006

High altitude swimming & hiking trek

I got back in Huaraz again last night. I set off again on Sunday to try to do that big loop that I got sick on the ast time. Anyway I started out with another 8 days worth of food, but went in the opposite direction Up the Santa Cruz valley. It was really Beautiful and I had the place to myself. The weather was on and off, sun then rain then sun, then rain all night then overcast. On the second night I was camped up at the southern side of Alpamayo and Quitaharu in this awesome cirque where I also set a new altitude record for lake swimming (14,200´).

Anyway to make a long story short, my stove crapped out on me. I can only attribute it to bad fuel as I tore the whole thing apart and it was functioning perfect, but the vaporized gas wouldn't light or stay lit. Never seen anything like it! I even bought the fuel from the same place as last time when it worked fine. So I made due on my lunch food for the next two nights and ended the santa cruz trek in its normal manner rather than making a big loop of the range. Always fun carrying 10 lbs of uncookable food over a 15,000´ pass! Anyway getting back yesterday was an adventure in numb ass as I spent 6 hrs in a combi on bad roads and over another big pass to get back to Huaraz. Crazyness. Not sure what's next. Thinking third time is a charm for another trek in the Huaywash, and visiting Siula Grande but also getting a litte stir crazy for a new area. Also just procrastinating making the decision of whether or not to store my bike in Lima or bringing it to Cuzco and try to bike in Bolivia. More later

Love, Eric

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