Monday, January 30, 2006



I went on a travel marathon lasting 36 hours. I left Lima that afternoon, not even wanting to spend a night there and took a good bus company for the 20 hr trip to Cuzco. Covered some serious ground! I´m bus lagged and still trying to catch up on sleep and not get sick again from being run down. Cuzco is a cool city. Lots of history and Inca stone work everywhere, narrow cobbled streets. Its touristy and its impossible to walk around without someone trying to sell you something or push their restaurant menu in your face. Its the most expensive town I´ve been in so far, but overall I like it.

I still have my bike stuff with me, just couldn't let go of it and also want to avoid Lima as much as possible! I´m glad too because there is a cool loop I can ride for a few days near cuzco, the sacred valley. I can leave all my camping stuff and go light connecting towns and hiking to ruins. That's my plan now. The Inca trail is closed for february so I missed out on that! bummer! I think I´m going to bike to the nearest town, then catch the train, then Hike up to Manchu pichu crazy early before the buses start running. I´m going to do some research today to figure out the timing of it all.

Pic of Cuzco, posted by Laura :)

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