Saturday, January 07, 2006


What a change!
I spent 10 hrs today on two busses and am now in the metropolitiann city of Trujillo on the coast. The descent from the mountains was quite spectacular (and long) as it changed to very very arid quickly. The coast area is very very barren desert with small oasis where irragation has been. I was debating forever yesterday on what to do and very last minute decided that the best way to rest my knee was to not wait in a town staring at mountains...So my plan is to stay on the coast for a few days and hit the beach and some more ruin sites. Our buss broke down for 2 hrs, but I had the upper deck front seat for the best views form a buss I´ve ever had! Must go eat, its been about 8rs and I´m totally dehydrated. I´m going to try to track down a family here who is famous for putting up cyclists, but tonight I checked into a hotel.
more later

love Eric

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