Saturday, February 18, 2006

Isla del Sol


I just got back to Copacabana after an excellent trip to Isla del sol. Its a strange cloudy day here, perfect to relax and rest. I ended up biking 12 miles out to this village at the end of the peninsula closest to the island. From there I hired an old man (78 !) with a row boat to paddle me across to the island, I stored my bike with his son. Isla del sol is one of those very special places, its surreal. The first afternoon I hiked along the ridge of the island to its northern part and camped nice and high to an amazing sunset with views of the Cordillera real the other way. Then at 9:30 I woke up because it was so bright from the almost full moon! unreal...

I spent the next day wondering around the northern part of the island, visited a small village and finally ended up finding my own little secluded beach where I baked in the sun for the rest of the afternoon. Yesterday put in alot of walking! hiked over to the west side and followed the ridge allthe way to the little light house on the end.. I was sitting there devouring a late lunch, when this old man rowing a small sail boat against the wind comes around the corner, we chat a bit and he offers me a ride to the opposide side where I needed to camp to get my boat back this morning. Anyway, for some strange reason still unknown to me I declined his offer and instantly regretted it! He rowed a little more, then put up his little sail and covered the distance in 20 minutes that took me the next 3 hours to hike! doo..!

My old friend picked me up this morning and in the waves I managed to put a hole in my hand on a rusty nail while diving into his boat in the waves.Got my first good use of the bandages I´ve been carrying around for the past 3 months. On my way to La paz tomorrow.
Love, Eric

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