Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mountain biking, Bolivia

Hi Guys,

Still in La Paz. Had a great time last week I biked ¨the most dangerous road¨ To Coroico, which is on the other side of the mountains on the fringe of the jungle. Absolutely beautiful area. The first time I took the wrong road, long story but ended up descending 13,500´ ! to the river and had to make my way back up. But the next day got a lift back up to the intersection I missed and did the ¨right¨ road! Today was awesome, I met up with the owner and guides of Gravity Assisted Mtn biking. and had a day of full on Downhill riding, I was using one of their bikes, a Kona stab Deluxe, a $3000 bike with over 7 ¨of front and rear suspension.

The Bike

So basically I did stuff today that I´ve never even come close to doing before. BIG jumps and drop offs. Pretty much riding off cliffs and rediculously steep terrain. it was awesome! I caught on pretty quick to how to handle the bike, since it feels more like a motorcycle. There were about 10 of us, and we did three shuttle runs at an area south of the city, then a few of us did an urban assualt run from the top of El Alto back down to the city. That bike is incredible, I could just launch off a big drop and let the suspension do its job. Very addicting! similar feeling to going really steep and fast on my snowboard but different too. ANyway I´ll probably be here another day or two before heading south. This area is awesome, its the biggest city I´ve been too where there is so much cool stuff to do within an hour drive.

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