Monday, February 06, 2006

Machu Picchu

A message from Eric this morning and some links & pics of Machu Picchu :) Laura

Hi guys,
Just a quick note. I´ve been spending the past few days in the sacred valley north of Cuzco. Lots of cool little villages and loads and loads of Inca ruins and terracing. I had an incredible visit to Machu Picchu!! Took an night train, then started hiking up at 5 am to catch the sunrise up there, steep trail (and the busss are expensive!) The place in amazing, you can walk all over the place and I hike up that steep peak that is in the background of all the famous photos of the place. Really had a good time. As always my knee was giving me problems but I couldn't let it stop me this time. Met a nice couple from Colorado and we had a nice dinner back in Aguas calientes.

I spent the next day just relaxing and going to a new museum there before catching a 3:50 train back to Ollataytambo. Hung out in the little town yesterday and did a fun adventure bike ride on the other side ofthe river valley on these narrow trails leading up to an Inca stone quarry. It was amazing. Anyway I´m spending one more day in this area before heading back to Cuzco tomorrow. I´ll write more and send some photos from there. Going to a Soccer game in town on thursday, then have some work lined up next weekend to visit an engineer´s without borders project in a village 3 hrs away. get to take water quality samples, should be a good experience!
love, Eric

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