Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the grey

Mellow days,
Saw the Dr. again toda,y not much really to tell about. Another round of blood work to see if the protiens that indicate that all is not well in heartland are still elevated. I asked and I'm getting an echocardiogram tomorrow. Should be intresting and answer some questions as what the hell is really going on.
The cough that I had over a month ago is back so I'm thinking I never got the original bug out of my system to begin with.

On a happy note I've been blowing money and just got set up with a time lapse camera setup, its an old Nikon I got off of ebay that accecpts a controler, combined with a homebrew AA rechargable battery pack I should be able to make some pretty cool new time lapse movies.

I'm in competion with a friend over the adn 50" plazma tv setup. Not that I actually want such a thing but seeing the junk that was being entered made me go edit some stuff new and old and see what happens:

Southcentral in motion and Chugach baby...

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