Thursday, April 12, 2007


So the short story is that I havent been doing much of anything lately.
I got into a cycle this winter where I'd go backcountry snowboarding on my splitboard then have knee pain for the rest of the week just in time to do it all over again. On top of that my 25 min each way bike commute just kept feeling worse and worse. I wasnt doing my knee any good by trying to push it. Started seeking help again and getting the cycle of PT's and Dr.s going. Basically I decided on my own to simply take a month off of everything that would aggrivate it and give the cartlidge a fighting chance to heal.

I havent been on my splitboards in like 6 weeks now and I've cut biking cold turkey by DRIVING to work. Yes Driving to work, I've been biking to work since college and its killing me.

So the days flip by and I try to stay sane with a long haul mentality, swimming, lifting weights, the usual recovery stuff...

Then out of the blue last week I get massive chest pains, cant breathe, cant sleep... Turns out that a virus from a case of bronchitis I had made its way to my heart and has caused Pericarditis.. More of do nothing time, this time really do nothing...

2 trips canceled so far, I'm hoping for a comeback in May.

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