Wednesday, May 16, 2007


So I'm still on the mend. My mind is willing my body foreward to do stuff I probably shouldent. But its summer damn it and its time to snap out of it. Have to weigh the benefits of mental health after a while of not getting out.

So I was pretty worn out after Eagle, but then went on a big slog this past weekend up the Burns Glacier near portage to try to climb baird peak. Intresting group dynamics, slushy snow and

Portage weather made for a long day. Tired, a coughing me again...

So what else is going on... I finally finished my pants. Gore-tex XCR, water proof zippers, seam taped and all. I figure they ran me about $70 in materials to make and they came out totally sweet. Here is my model shot...

and another .. oh yeah pure fabric goodness... eat your heart out arc-teryx

In two weeks from now Brook and I are heading to do Liberty ridge on My Rainier after Eric & Tracy's wedding Looking foreward to it!

So here is Liberty Ridge, its a classic Alpine climb of the Cascades. I'm Psyched for it but nervous about my health. Its odd when that is the thing to be worried about when planning a climb like this but its true, The actual climbing should be straight foreward, I can deal with weather, whiteouts and cravasses better than lung clogging phlem balls and sore knees.

Enough for now. if anyone has a vacciene for monster phlem balls let me know.

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The Linus said...

I luff You Uncle Erock.

Your clothes are nice.
take care of your heart okay.
My teeth are falling out. Help me
:) Lini