Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Comeback is here

Its a good tired. A tired I havent felt in a long time. The tired you get when you have to draw on some reserves.

Yesterday two friends and I headed out south Fork to climb Eagle peak. The weather was horriable, light misting snow and fog. Snow conditions to ski were also awful.. Undetered we made it out past eagle lake and camped up high in the first step below the flute glacier.

The fog was so thick we couldent really see what was what, spent the day going up the wrong gullies and sking on the flute glacier... jump ahead, alarm off at 5:00am, the morning is crisp and cold, the snow frozen with a good crust, it's going to be a good day.

We head up the east gully on Eagle peak. I feel quite good having not done any vertical orientated exersise in about 2 months. nice way to ease back into it... ha ha

I feel great and we are re-warded to the clouds clearing at the summit for literally only the 30 mintues we spent.

The photos should say it all.

Feels great to be back, Tired from the day, but re-enrgized by a weekend with friends in the big mountains. The knee felt ok, and I had a good amount of energy.


Sacred Rivers said...

Great comeback! Almost as good as how we take it easy!

Jill said...

Wow ... cool pics.

How high is Eagle Peak? That does seem like a steep way to ease back into mountaineering, but you have to take the good days when they come.