Friday, February 01, 2008

Erin & Higs

Just had yummy dinner with Erin and Higs, dropped of a sewing machine, picked up a hard drive full of video. If you dont know who they are then follow the link on the right. This couple started walking out from downtown Seattle last summer and have come all the way up the entire pacific coast by foot and packraft. Truely groundbreaking. At their slideshow the other night Roman Dial ended their introduction with "no one has done anything like this in 100 years". Their trip is really an endevour of grand proportions that you really can't even put words too. Even here in town they are sticking to their non-motorized ethics. It all makes perfect sence.. just keep going.. it was a lively discussion about everything from different weights of sinylon to what tatics and strategies to use in crossing the tidal rip and ice jam that is Knik arm in order to save a week's worth of skiing.

They are in town for a while so more to come for sure.


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tehstotehara said...

You Sir, are too awesome for words.

I was perusing blogs from Alaska when I came across yours and I have to say it's way exciting. I can't wait to get there in May!

Great pictures, and great blogs. I look forward to more posts.