Thursday, February 28, 2008

The big race

Even though I'm not doing the race this year I still feel very much a part of it. From the months of making gear, starting a business and now doing race updates. It just sucks you in...

Follow it here:


and here:

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Dave in Chicago said...

Eric! Just a shout out to thank you for all your web updates during the Iditarod! It's a lot of work but I (and others) appreciate it. Thanks.

Also, just read your posting on MTBR about your Bolivian adventure. Totally. Totally. Amazing. The photos of the salt flats with the reflecting water where also amazing. What a surreal place to ride. I can't believe it was just you and your compass! How did you decide to trek to that place of all places???

Answer that question only when you have time, like, in a few weeks!

Take care ~ dave

PS>>> Any time elapse photos taken during this years race? I'm not sure how you that'd work, but I enjoyed your other experiments (especially the ice flows)