Sunday, February 17, 2008

Knik arm videos

Here are some more videos from the Knik Arm Attempts:
A social first try:

Erin and Hig on the second shot:

The result of the second attempt:

Been sewing like a fiend for racer gear. Getting lots done, including this super duper light bivy sack:

Fun week coming up, Heading out with Mom for some winter fun.


Anonymous said...


Where did you score the E109's?? Fisher USA won't import them since they might take away from the 3 size fits all Outbound series..I am seeing alot of those tiny rafts lately..One couple is using them to navigate the Coastline form WA to AK..Good luck with your adventure..

John in Fresno

Eric said...

John - this is that couple and these are their skis!
I dont know how they got them.
scroll down a bit and see the other posts.

Sacred Rivers said...

Very nice!
I need a waterproof and submersible backpack! Help me oh Epic One!