Monday, March 31, 2008

Dan's Wedding

See that photo above? That's Dan, We've done countless trips together and I look foreward to many more. I was honored when he asked me to be best man on his big day.
It was a really special wedding, very true, very warm and sincere shared with a wonderfull group of friends and family.

It was really fun being back in Ft.Collins, havent been there since I moved away 6 years ago. Felt like a long time. Got some sun, and some snow, a healthy mix for springtime colorado.
Dan at Rotary,

Dan and I have been Friends with James Bleakly for a long time when he was first getting his roots set in the ground and starting Black Sheep . I think Dan and I both had ti softails # 4 & 5 and I later got the second 29er he ever made. James's wedding gift to Dan and Amy were their rings, which he machined out of solid titanium for Amy, and part of a seat stay tube for Dan's. James let me borrow a totally kick ass, bueatiful long travel softail, with a worthy price tag... I was totally stoked. It felt sooooooo good to tear it up on the old stomping grounds. Thanks James!

After staying out till 3:00 am friday night and working out the hangovers it was finally wedding day, bikes, bikes and more bikes! We rode to the wedding, then after the ceremony about 50+ of us took off to the streets for a cruiser parade of old town before the dancing began...

Congrats you two!

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