Monday, March 03, 2008

The Mamma visits!

About two weeks ago, mamma Parsons came to visit!
hooray mom visiting in winter! She brought the New York winter weather with her as temps warmed up from zero to above freezing, but that did stop us from having fun and getting out every day. She's really only half her age and not slowing down any. It was really a great visit.

Skiing up Archangle valley at Hatchers

Into the chinook - slush skiing in the rain to the Eagle River Rapids Yurt:

At the yurt - Really estatic about the annies mac and cheese dinner!

Climbing Mt Baldy in Eagle River!

mamma with an ice axe - watch out!

woof woof!

Finally on the last day the sun came out, we went skiing at Johnsons Pass. It was a totally bueatiful day and great way to end the visit!


reverend dick said...

You're lucky to have a rad parent who shares your interests in outside. More than that, who's willing and able to accompany you. I hope my kids will invite me to jawdropping places to kickass out of doors with them when they're grown.
Team Swallowtail's Mom

ScottM said...

Wow. Your mom rocks.

Sacred Rivers said...

Those are adorable shots! :)God I love her.