Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tour of Anchorage

ahh the Tour.
Broke the 3 hr mark in the 50k with a time of 2:55. I was pretty psyched though secretly hoping to break 2:50. My time got me an overall place in the Men's of 90th something, yee ha! pretty humbling to think you can go all out and then there are the Elite dudes that can finish almost 45 minutes faster. Its cool in that sense because you basically can stack up against the best Nordic skiers in Alaska or the country. The top men and women are at the world champion level and are Past (present / future) Olympians) The Tour is such a community / city wide event. Looking foreword to next year's suffering already.

I was dreading Spencer's loop but it turned into a rally fest of high speed passing on the downhill turns. It was as close to mountain bike racing as you can get on skate ski's I think. Super fun.

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