Sunday, September 20, 2009

The GTP turns 1

Lucy had a birthday, to celebrate I took her out to do what she loves most - tundra galloping!
3 pm late start, but lots of built up glycogen from sitting and sewing way too much this week. Left Glen Alps parking lot really not knowing where I was going, but it was just going to be fast!

Up to the ball field, down to williwaw lakes..

Up the pass to the long lake valley...

hammered up to the ridge overlooking the ship valley and got a sweet view of the area of the last overnighter

started to head up the ridge to Koktoya, but it was fairly chossy rock.. and this day was all about galloping through the tundra so we actually stopped 5 minutes and soaked in the view a bit. she's a ball buster that dog...

Was pretty amazing to get so far back in the front range so quickly..
anyway, ran back to glep alps taking the ball field route for some bonus vert.

just awesome.


Martin Rye said...

There are dog walks and then there is that amazing dog walk. The views are stunning.

karen said...

Dogs are awsome. sounds like you both enjoyed luz's b-day

Alaskan Assassin said...

Great pics!!

Lucy is a keeper.

coastkid said...

that last pic could be the laje district in england!,grat when a dog appreciates good scenery!