Saturday, October 17, 2009


ahhh Bolivia
Adrienne, Julie and myself for half, then 2 of us for the rest.
Diverse temperatures, altitudes and landscapes...

Apolobambo, Quismera Cruz, Altiplano,?, ?

Here is my new pack, basically I wanted a pack that is light and fine to bike with, but still have enough volume to put everything into and be able to do, say a 4 day trek.

It came in at 1 lb 9 oz, which is pretty light. Its 7 oz lighter than the Talon 33 and right about even with the 22, and able to carry much more. I was going to use my old standby, but the hip belt was a bit bulky for long term biking, and a touch on the large side.For this, the back and side pieces were already cut, and were the last bit of dyneema grid I had, so they determined the size right off the bat. I've never had a pack with a big back stretch pocket, so it's a bit of an experiment.

Full Dyneema X-pac bottom... nuts.. its incredible material.  friends in high places...

I designed the buckles so that I could use the front pocket of the harness as a lid for backpacking. I've done many a bike trip using the lid of a pack for a handle bar bag, and it's what inspired the Harness design to some extent. Multi function gear is good!

See ya later!


Dave said...

Looks good,

now gett outta hea!

Tazeus said...

i really wish you sold packs... anywho have an awesome trip!

Jason said...

that looks awesome.. maybe the best idea since black tea.

Kid Riemer said...

Sure...torture us again with another pack design!

Safe travels. Have fun. Looking forward to hearing about the trip when you return.

Minya and Eric said...

have a great trip