Saturday, January 23, 2010

daytime ride?

you must be joking! Winter riding when it's light out?
Yes it actually happened today. It helps that the days are getting longer.
Puurfect trail conditions on snowy single track. Temps in the low singles.
Shop  - tour trail - Speedway - Rovers - Tank- Moose Ridge -  Tour trail - back to sewing.
I had done a similar version twice in the past week, but it was dark and no camera. Nice to see it during the day.

Dual Larry's - Need I say more?  ok I will - they Rock!!


Joboo said...


Peace, Joboo

Vik said...

How would you compare the Larry's to Endos? When would you still want to run an Endo?

Eric said...

Larry is a more trail oriented tire, where as I think the endos have a bit less rolling resistance for flat slogs. Not all that much though.