Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Carpe Diem

one of the advantages you hear about of being self employed is being able to skip out on weekdays all the time. This actually is not true and you will find yourself working most weekends as well. As Julie pointed out "you're self employed.. get the hell out of here!" When the Yellow Orb in the forecast calls, in March, it must be heeded.

Jeebs, Page and I went to Turnagin with Pastorial peak on the docket. It's been a year since I've been back there (a good day it was) I was hell bent with way too much jitter juice flowing to say the least.

Started with a run off of the top of Sunburst:

Sun crust forced warp factor 11 speeds... crazy fast! Page is the dot near the top for scale.

Back to Taylor Pass.. thanks skin trail.

Up Pastorial
 a bit windy at the pass and along the ridge for sure...

You simply can't top the view from Pastorial Peak on a clear day. Huge mountains in all directions beckon.
Top to lower valley run.. no photos,  broke a nice skin track back up to the glacier.

Killer pow, must repeat. all the way back up to the top.
Manta ray cornice.
Thanks Pastorial.. we did the runs just left of the summit, this view is fore-shortened and deletes the whole middle part.
by popular demand.. The swallowtail cam!
back up out of the basin, up over sunburst to get back. Page is the most ripping tele skier I've ever seen, with about 7,500' vertical of climbing under her boots she was pretty happy.
Thanks Ladies!

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