Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Buzz

Everyone seems to be getting amped for the winter races up here, and for good reason. Although I've only done the race to McGrath once, I sure learned alot during that year of prep and training that went into it. Having alot of cold weather experience going into it helped, but the reality still holds true that its one of the hardest races period.

The fun training weekends with friends..

The weekday gear testing rides during -20 January cold snaps..

The bueatiful mornings after solo bivys...

The carefull, or not so carefull, food packing...

Then finally you just want to get going and get the adventure started

The race starts and reality sets in...

There are the highs... like bivying on top of rainy pass watching the northern lights..

and the lows...

But in the end, long after the race is over, you still will find your mind focusing on how you are going to get back to that to that small village on the river in the middle of interior Alaska.

Tis the season.

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