Monday, December 10, 2007

studs and breakdowns

Got out and rode for about 45 minutes today, that might not seem like alot but when you really haven ridden in a few months it sure means alot. No pain, just stiff. I was pretty giddy getting part of my identity back...

then was cranking away on ms. Juki in the afternoon when I guess I did something stupid and something jammed in the bobbin area really bad and bent a part, bummer, hope its not expensive... was hoping to bike to work but looks like I'll be driving and lugging a 70lb sewing machine head to the repair shop.


Jill said...

Awesome! About the bike, I mean, not about the broken sewing machine.

I can't believe all of the great stuff you have been churning out lately. You must be running a regular sweat shop over there, but you're doing a good job. That gravity-defying seatpost bag is especially cool. Is any of your new stuff on the market yet?

Chris said...

Hope the Juki is okay :(

Eric said...

Ms. Juki is ok guys,
She's back home resting.
thanks for the well wishes.