Friday, December 28, 2007

Home for the Holidays

Been back home in New York for some nice time with the family.
The weather has been super mild - sometimes it feels like April or even May in Alaska...
Some photos are in order!
Time with family, both young and old

New NRS waterproof balaclava's (for frigid packrafting) yes my mom is a gear nut also...

Lots of baking...

As usual, we've had to keep our eye on Laura...

Today we drove south and went to the Bronx Zoo!

Snow Leopard, meow:

Big meow!

Snap snap!


Everything was going well, we were enjoying the day, the weather was nice, the animals were out, when out of nowhere mom was taken out by a gigantic red fox!!

Then Laura was slain by a huge hawk! ohh the terror!!

Showdown time - It was up to me to go head to head with the menacing T-REX!!

oh the suspense and action!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely phenomenal.
Such dangers in that zoo...
Glad you survived and ninja kicked that T-Rex... my gosh

Anonymous said...