Saturday, December 15, 2007


And my sister kinda wins with her wishy washy answer.
The prize is...

me coming home for Christmas! hooray!

Thanks to the whopping three of you who guessed!

what else... a day of sewing. Finally finished poggies for Dave B and MC.

too many new designs in my head...


Sacred Rivers said...

Listen to me!

I knew that was Fitzroy goddamn it! I said so in my comment, I knew it was Fitzroy, what do I win? A plasma TV?? A Diva award? A trip to see you in ANC, what do I win!!!

I know all mountains you can't fool me!!

I luff you!

Fitzroy you should name your future Linus that, godamn it get one now.

:) Sis

Sacred Rivers said...

The sewing looks amazing! Holy shit! nice work! Dude, get epicdesigns email ya. Gmail, yahoo and shit.

I luff you!!!