Thursday, January 22, 2009


Feverishly - that would describe things best right now. Cranking out gear for racers all week non-stop. Finally I took a break last night to work on my own stuff. I'm heading out of town this weekend to one of the colder mountain places I can think of. So I made some progress on my gear for that:

First I went to town on my climbing pack. I was never happy with it after I made it with haste last April. So after an extensive session with the seam ripper I added VX gussets to the back with sleeping pad loops then a collapsible crampon pouch on the center panel. From there I made a new extension and main closure. The difference is amazing. Its a totally different pack!

and after:

I also found out my overboots fit on my ski boots.. and fit in both my splitboard bindings..

and my mountaineering skis.


the down booties were looking pretty lame at their 10 year birthday, so I ripped open the back and stuffed them full of primaloft chunks.



I love gear.


Marla said...

The backpack looks impressive. Ever thought of adding some sort of frame for backpacking trips?

Eric said...

Thanks Marla, it has an internal frame sheet and aluminum stay, so yes.. I made it with heavy loads in mind.

Kid Riemer said...

I love gear. Well said!

It is all too easy for me to sit and think and draw little pictures and imagine gear!

Eric, I'm going to try to convince you make me a backpack this coming Spring. Now I just need to save up the funds for it...just what can I sell!?!?