Sunday, December 07, 2008

blog blog blog

This blog has been boring lately, sorry.
I've just been super busy trying to fit everything in.
Built a new website, making good headway on orders, Skate skiing a ton! Biking a bit, making progress on strength workouts - more on that later.

We had nice new snow, but now its a melt freeze disaster.. these are the "before " photos"

Greg is also letting me try out these sweet new Ti 30 degree sweep bars - First impression = Awesome.

Also been doing some research into buying a house, so lots on my mind.

on a side note Dan got this sweet photo published in Alaska Magazine from our little Swiss trip last year:

Rappelling in the rain is Fun!


Marla said...

Pictures like that are not boring!

JB said...

I don't bike as much as I used to after a spinal injury spelled out some new limits, but I do commute via motorcycle. I'm wondering if some of your products intended for bicyclists might have applications other than their intended use. For instance, a type of pogey constructed to fit over the instrument clusters on motorcycle handlebars would be just the thing as i'm always battling numb fingers at toll booths.

My apologies. This might have been better off as an email but I am interested in your reply.

Kid Riemer said...


Keeping a Blog active and frequently updated is a huge challenge. Tough with a group of folks working on it, but even more difficult as a one-man show.

You've got some stellar photos though from your various expeditions. I know I wouldn't mind if you just put up a photo every so often. Perhaps with a short caption, but perhaps without at other times.

It may be a simple way to give folks (like me) a quick morsel to enjoy on any given day.

Cheers. Take care.

Eric said...

Good idea Kid.

JB - There are good options for snowmachines that you could look into. Or other less expensive bike models that will do the trick at keeping wind off your hands.

Neve_r_est said...

Those bars look really wide. I take it the Marys were at too much of an angle for your taste?


Eric said...

yeah, these are about an inch longer on each side than the Mary's. I like them much better so far.