Tuesday, December 16, 2008

outside salvation

I need to find a new place to live.. our landlord got the concrete saw going downstairs today... the emissions raised the CO2 levels to toxic and the alarms went off. All doors and windows open the temp quickly dropped to 10 degrees inside... good excuse to leave and go for a bike ride. Later we even had the fire dept over to test levels again. I hate moving, but looks like it's going to happen again.

On to the ride, I've been fitting in obsessive late night work sessions on this new system for a winter handlebar bag. Last year's bivy buritto worked quite well - light, super simple, tons of compression, explosive and no hardware. But had its drawbacks - too many straps & buckles, and constricting hand space at the pogies.

So this should solve most of those problems. Its still a work in progress for sure, A bigger & longer stuff sack is needed sack than my tent one along with finishing the middle wing / pocket. Then the real testing begins. It worked great though in its un-finished state, better than the old version for sure. One of the other big differences is that the pad and sleeping bag are separate.

Not much sun this time of year, gotta get it when you can...

Also on their virgin outing were a pair of RBH designs high rise socks
I saw these a few weeks ago after re-visiting the RBH site and quickly ordered a pair. It basically combines the setup I was using for cold biking into one sock. I was using a smartwool liner, then integral designs VB, then a loose fitting power stretch fleece sock. The RBH sock is really nice, and the height comes up over the top of my mutant sorel liner / Neos setup. The main problems with my old setup was that the vb would bunch up, and the insulating sock would slide down when walking. So this solves all that and is more comfey. On the 3 hr ride my feet were roasting with that VB dampness, but felt really good, didnt have the plastic bag feel that you get using the integral designs VB's. Need a good cold snap again for a better test but I'm thinking they are a winner for sure, its an amazing fabric laminate.


Fxdwhl said...

Damn, your daily riding conditions truelly humble my measly winter. 2 inches of snow and 30 degs? Kids stuff. I've got thick blood and don't mind the (relative) cold bit I'd tire of the layering game you guys have up there.

Singletrack Mind said...

What Surly needs to do is a Pugsly Dummy hybrid, the Dumsly. That'd haul some stuff in inclement conditions.

It's been -20 here and I've done some decent 10-15 mile fixie rides. The only real thing I've been having trouble with is the feet. What are you doing for footwear?

Marla said...

Hey, what lights are those in the first pic and what kind of run time do you get out of them?

Eric said...

Marla, I don't know its not my bike.
I think one is an older cateye 5 led.

Single - platforms, neos overboots with felt sorel boot liners glued to a running shoe sole & heel.

Kid Riemer said...

Eric, I've been running Stephenson's vapor barrier sock on my bare feet, a low cut wool sock over that pulls them snugly onto my feet, then a thicker wool tall boy sock on top.

It finally stopped the movement and slip sliding of my feet in those vapor barrier socks.

Regarding your new sleep system carrier: I like it because one carrier could possibly work for a bunch of different sized stuff sacks at different times of the year. Also, I like what you did to keep it away from the pogies and brake levers. I don't enjoy the feeling of something brushing on my hands during the ride. That would take are of it. Cheers.