Monday, December 15, 2008


Hacking up the blogger template a bit, this feels a bit dark but will stick with it for now. The big improvement is the larger photos - yahoo.

Big day backcountry at Turnagin on Saturday - the 195 was in good form. Sensitive snowpack for sure. Dan and billy's group remotely triggered a big slide on the back side of Superbowl peak, then Late in the day with temps around zero with quickly fading light day another group skier triggered a slide on the back side of Cornbiscuit that buried a woman 6' deep in a terrain trap. Some of our group went to help out. I was already 2000' down on the complete opposite side of the mountain. She made it out due to a quick beacon search and is one lucky gal. Terrain choice and skiing on top of each other were the main culprits on the human side in that one. Glad she's ok... phew...
More on that here:

Here is a photo of Dan just after he set the first slide he set off:

and from the same spot of our group on top of Cornbiscuit:


Marko said...

Mmmmm, the top of cornbiscuit looks sweet. Is your 195 a swallowtail?

"Sensitive snowpack", huh? Glad everybody made it down ok, especially the burial victim.

Be safe,

Eric said...

Marko - yep, the discontinued voile, hence the blog title...
Some good friends nicknamed me that since I was so obsessed with the big board.

Marko said...

Yeah Captain, I figured you had a swallowtail or two in your quiver but I wasn't sure if the 195 was one.

I should be getting a 178 voile if my friend ever gets around to ordering it.