Friday, December 19, 2008

Serious studs

Nick at Surly sent me this photo of his tires.

You could film a gladiator movie with a set of these!

rodents everywhere beware!


Neve_r_est said...

Are those button head screws with nuts on the outside? I wonder what that weighs. I bet it's unstoppable tractionwise.


Marla said...

Those are great. Maybe I'll have something else to do this winter.

Sacred Rivers said...

Please be careful of the beavers...

Anonymous said...

gladiator movie, beavers heh!

Michael Meiser said...

beavers rule.

Seriously though. Endomorph 3.7 + studs. I want to know more about this setup.

I also see what appears to be a production or protype surly plastic fender for the endomorph. Is this DIU stuff? Is it protype stuff? Or is it 3rd party stuff?

Please do tell.

(tracking comments so feel free to respond here.)

Michael Meiser said...

DIU, lol

DIY was what was meant. Sounds like someone's been drinking at the keyboard. U and Y are right next to each other. Simple mistake really.