Friday, October 03, 2008

Final Cut Studio - at last!

When meeting fellow bike tourer's you never know where the connections will take you.
In this case returning on the 48 hr ferry from False pass to Kodiak Island this summer I met a young couple of Rachel and Jeremy. Who were on a bike trip around AK heading into Canada. We hit it off, especially when I learned that Rachel had gone to school for independent film making. humm... I had a brand new mac sitting at home for this very purpose but no software to use with it.

Soo without getting into the details - Final cut studio... all 4 figures worth.

Make friends with people with bikes - you never know!

Now to learn a new platform and import hours worth of raw footage from Unimak island and the lost coast, I hope it keeps raining...


Dave said...

Looking forward to the results!

Kellie said...

So honored to see the pictures that ended up on the screen :-)