Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pugsley is happy

After a summer of being thrown in rivers, sunken in quicksand, launched down steep rocky slopes, used as a machette and just generally misunderstood. Pugsley finally is happy. Pugsley got its first snow!

Its officially an early winter in Anchorage, its been cold and we got some snow today, what more excuses is needed to go rally on semi-frozen, frost heaved trails?

Went for a super fun ride today in the APU nordic trails and singletrack connectors.. Its amazing how much fun new conditions, a fat tire bike, and no rear brakes can bring you.

Some skiers are really desperate...

in town secret singletrack fun..

and yes the poggies were overkill if you were wondering.


Tim said...

Eric, you might make the only pogies in the world that need air vents to cool your hands!

Sacred Rivers said...

my gaiters??? where? Hudsons chiken?? where!!!