Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Its been a busy last two weeks, I moved everything I owned and my shop into a new house and went to Vegas for Interbike. Interbike was cool, but it was a quick trip, I was run down before hand and the combination of not sleeping much, drinking too much, and just the aura of Vegas in general wore me out big time. I was so happy to get back to Anchorage. It was great to meet lots of people like the folks at Surly, Salsa, Dirt rag and others. Great to put faces to names on emails.

At any rate here is the new shop - its super cozy but heated! imagine that! I like it better so far even though its smaller than my old space:

First bags made in the new shop:

I got a cold now, but Dan, Amy and I got out for a little hike over the weekend. Fall is still here, but winter is closing in fast. I'm not ready for it yet, but I can't complain. Its been an incredible summer to say the least.


Vik said...

Glad you've got a nice new work shop - heated no less!...=-) I'm sure we'll see loads of cool gear come flying out of your new work space.

Anonymous said...

how'd your new sewshop hold up to last nights hurricane force gusts? - storms seem to find you