Friday, December 09, 2005


Well, this isnt going to be a happy post. I just got back from being on the bus for 5 hours andhad to come back to Quito and am looking up phone numbers. Basically, all my important bike stuff and a pannier got stolen. Irreplacible stuff like my clipless shoes, bike clothes, gloves, and my big pouch of tools and repair gear, spare parts, tubes for 2 9" wheels, 50 patches. what else? oh my favorite jersey that I've had since India, ummm and the drybags I was going to use as the two front panniers, and a high end german made foldable touring tire. All in one nice compact package. I got on the buss for Cuenca after navigating the terminal Terrestre safely with backpack and bike. We were heading out of Quito, there were only a few people on the bus and I was relaxing and reflecting a bit since Lisa and I parted this morning. Then 2 ofthe ever present vendors came on the bus. I had one of the panniers next to me on the seat and the other in the over head bin directly above me. I'm guessing they just slid it back then maybe stuffed it some how in the box he had his candy bars in.

So I realized this probably almost 2 hours after it happened and had to get off and catch another bus back to Quito. I figured being here is the best chance of trying to 'eplace stuff and recieving crazy expensive fed-exs. So yet another lesson learned the hard way.I'll let you know if you can mail me anything. But I think Im going directly to the source this time for speed. I had the thought of calling this a good excuse to go to the galapagos...
Not much else to report.
love, Eric

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