Friday, December 09, 2005

Stuck in Quito, need panniers


Well I´ve been walking for a solid 4 + hours looking for gear. I´ve gotten a bunch of bike stuff, like bar ends, patches, lube, cables and gloves that barely fit. No panniers.. I`m going to have either Lisa or Dan send me a package depending on where I can buy a single ortlieb pannier from, I need to get a package anyway since 700c bike tubes dont exist down here, and I knew that before.bummer... THink I´m going to have a spare tire mailed to Cuzco.Trying to go back to the source to buy it back would be such a pain and probaly a needle in haystack..And Plans are going forward, months of prep and thought and quitting my job, moving out of my place to do this dont just go away. Once I get things lined up I`ll probably get out of town for a few days then come back hoping that it all has arrived. So anyway, back to work..

Lisa gets robbed too....
Lisa also had bad luck after us parting, her credit card got stolen in Miami. But, she has made it back fine after a nice jog on the beach. On the brighter side, I walked through old town of Colonial Quito early this morning before any shops were open, and its a beautiful area if you like churches...
See ya

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